The Second Century Fund

For more than fifty years The LCMS Foundation has provided The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod donors, congregations, and ministry organizations with comprehensive charitable expertise and services. From its establishment in 1958, the Foundation has distributed more than one billion dollars to LCMS ministry!

Our name may not be familiar, but I bet you’ll recognize our work. We assist the colleges, universities, seminaries and congregations by investing their monies for economic growth. We train and certify pastors and LCMS fundraisers to effectively reach their local ministry growth potential with donors. We meet in Christian homes to design charitable estate gift plans to care for family and establish legacies to benefit LCMS ministry. We help the national ministries mobilize disaster relief and resource missionaries around the globe.

Six years ago the Foundation established a backup operational plan to account for future uncertainty. We call this the Second Century Fund. This endowment fund allows the Foundation to continue its critical role of service to the church, to continue providing ministry-growth opportunities to churches, schools and outreach. With this effort we are hoping to raise a minimum of $100,000.

Please support the Second Century Fund with your gift of $100 or more, or as the Lord guides you. Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration and may God bless you.

David Fiedler
President, LCMS Foundation